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Visit from CMDA

In mid-August 2016, a seven-person delegation from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) visited ACGME Headquarters to learn about the ACGME’s accreditation of institutions and programs. CMDA is the largest medical association in China, representing 2.1 million practicing physicians.

An overview was given on the creation of the ACGME; how the Requirements are established; how the organization is governed; GME funding; the accreditation process, including the structure of the Review Committees; the extraordinary importance of volunteerism and of peer standards-setting; institutional accreditation, with an emphasis on the learning environment; the site visit process; innovation and scholarly activity; the ACGME Milestones; and the creation of ACGME International.

The ACGME staff, in turn, learned of the challenges faced by China in educating physicians, including the wide variation in educational pathways for “doctors,” the societal need for higher standards of education, the government’s commitment to exploring how quality might be improved, the identification of “elite” training centers, and challenges faced within the profession to raise the quality and ensure public safety.

The ACGME and ACGME-I recognize and appreciate the mutual commitment to the pursuit of quality education, to standardization of graduate medical education in a manner that allows independent practice upon completion, and to the improvement of health by concentrating efforts to create a system of education.

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