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ACGME International Awards

The ACGME and ACGME International (ACGME-I) wish to honor the individuals who have been instrumental to pursuing and implementing a transition in their respective institutions to ACGME-I accreditation. Nominations are now open for the next cycle of International Awards.

Please consider nominating those you know who are deserving of such recognition.  There are now three categories of awards:

Physician Leader
This award is given to an individual who has been instrumental in initiating improvements in graduate medical education. These improvements mirror the values held by ACGME International—the highest of international standards with the flexibility and adaptations appropriate for a country or region.

Physician Educator
The award honors an individual with exceptional mentoring skills, sensitivity to resident needs, and ability to imbue professionalism in his/ her trainees. Such a person is a true advocate for developing appropriate values and advocating for trainees’ needs.

A staff person who has provided extraordinary service to the educational process, to the residents, and to meeting ACGME-I requirements is eligible for this award.  ACGME-I acknowledges the importance of a true team effort in offering this award.

These awards are offered by the ACGME Board of Directors and will be celebrated at the 2020 Annual Educational Conference.

ACGME International Awardees
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