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ACGME International Awardees

The ACGME-I recognized the 2020 ACGME International Award recipients who have made significant contributions to international accreditation efforts. Awardees are nominated by their respective organizations and colleagues, and selected by the ACGME Awards Committee. All three recipients were honored at the ACGME Annual Educational Conference in February 2020.

International Award: Physician Leader

Dr. Shirley Ooi Image

Dr. Shirley Ooi has been the designated institutional official (DIO) for the National University Health System (NUHS) in Singapore since its inception in 2009. Dr. Ooi has had an impressive career, in which she has become known as a leader in the transformation of graduate medical education. She is also a highly sought-after speaker, as well as a highly praised author. Her textbook is widely used by students and residents in emergency medicine. Shirley has been described as an outstanding clinician, colleague, teacher, mentor, and leader who is a strong believer in change. She has a passion for education and a true desire to share knowledge in order to provide for the next generation of health care leaders.

International Award: Physician Educator

Dr. Houd Al Abri image

Dr. Al Abri was appointed director of the Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) in 2009. He has been instrumental in the development of the OMSB Emergency Medicine Education Committee. As director of the OMSB Medical Simulation Center, Dr. Al Abri was actively involved in planning, establishing, and advancing the center. Dr. Al Abri’s contribution to graduate medical education in Oman and his vision are commendable, and he is highly respected by the emergency medicine community. His continuous desire to develop specialty related simulation trainings is admirable, and his continuous desire to develop specialty-related simulation trainings is highly appreciated by both medical educators and residents.

International Award: Staff

Ms. Kellie Kiernan Image

Ms. Kellie Kiernan is the institute coordinator for Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) in Abu Dhabi. She joined the Pediatric Institute in 2006 and was tasked with launching and developing the pediatric residency program, where she was responsible for developing a rotation scheduling system, program manuals, and an evaluation system. Ms. Kiernan also assisted in coordinating the centralization and transformation of education at SKMC. She brought with her a familiarity with US residency program systems, and the documentation/regulatory skills and knowledge she gained while working in the US. Her unique familiarity with this information as well as her knowledge of almost all Royal College Systems has been monumental in improving and providing structure to SKMC programs.

2019 Award Recipients

International Award: Physician

Kamal Badr, MD, PhD, serves as the current Associate Dean for Education at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Badr has had an impressive career as an internationally renowned nephrologist underscored by his deep commitment to education. Dr. Badr brought to fruition his dream of establishing international standards for graduate medical education in Lebanon as defined by participation in ACGME International accreditation.


International Award: Staff

A native of the Philippines, Ms. Rosemarie Rodanilla serves the Oman Medical Specialty Boards in an exemplary fashion. As the country’s GME adopted the ACGME-I accreditation path, her role as OMSB’s institutional coordinator was instrumental in the institution’s and its programs’ successful applications. Ms. Rodanilla has been the recipient of OMSB’s outstanding employee award on multiple occasions.

2018 Award Recipients

International Award: Physician

Dr. Abdullatif Alkhal serves as the designated institutional official of the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). An internist with specialization in infectious disease, Dr. Alkhal was instrumental in bringing ACGME-I accreditation to Qatar. Having held numerous national and regional posts serving medicine, his devotion to high quality education and quality improvement has underpinned virtually all of his extracurricular activities. Dr. Alkhal was one of the first international physicians to serve on the Review Committee-International.

Congratulations to Dr. Alkhal!


International Award: Staff

Ms. Jillian Ang Andrada is the Institutional Coordinator for GME Activities at SingHealth in Singapore. As such, over 1000 residents and 34 residency programs benefit from her dedication and commitment to GME dating back to the inception of ACGME-I accreditation in 2009. She has also been instrumental in the first implementation of the Next Accreditation System-International. Ms. Andrada has received awards from her country for initiating projects that assist new staff hired to support residency education efforts.

Congratulations to Ms. Andrada!

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