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On the Importance of Participating and the Value of Getting Involved
Different cultures have distinct ways of determining what will happen; some have a leader who makes all decisions; some have a senior council of elders; some have voting, yet with varying understandings of who may vote. In some communities, it is the loudest voice that controls; in others, only a voice that agrees with a “favored” position is heard; in some, speaking up can in and of itself be fraught with negative consequences.

What is the ACGME-I’s “culture” in this regard? It is simple: participation is essential. The ACGME-I model of accreditation is built on a peer-driven process: those who teach and learn are responsible for setting the requirements. This is manifest most clearly by how accreditation decisions are made.  They are made by the Review Committees-International, not by ACGME-I staff members. These peers are actively involved in teaching residents and fellows, and represent virtually all countries where the ACGME-I provides accreditation services. The membership also includes US educators to round out clinical areas of expertise.

Participation is needed beyond the members of the Review Committees, however. It is essential that your voice is heard. By speaking up and contributing your expertise and experience you become part of a solution to something that you see which could be made better, and contribute to the mission of the ACGME-I: to improve health care by assessing and advancing the quality of resident physicians’ education through accreditation… [and to] protect the interests of residents and improve the quality of teaching, learning, research, and professional practice with the ultimate goal of benefitting the public that our accredited programs and graduates serve.

Here are some current ways YOU can get more involved right away:

  1. Review and Comment
    Let us know if proposed Program Requirements or proposed revisions are appropriate. Every set of ACGME-I Requirements undergoes periodic review in order to be current with what comprises a good medical education. After the Review Committee drafts its proposal, a “public comment” period follows. This is a critical step in the development process for requirements, and your input is vital. We are currently soliciting public comments on proposed new Program Requirements in several subspecialties of pediatrics. Please review those relevant to your field, and submit your comments by 30 November 2018, according to the process outlined here. All comments received by the deadline will be considered in subsequent review for finalization of the Program Requirements for implementation.

  2. Attend the ACGME Annual Educational Conference, 7-10 March 2019
    Arranging international travel often takes substantial lead time, hence this early announcement. The Annual Educational Conference is one of the largest international gatherings of graduate medical educators and includes special programs for new program directors and coordinators; sessions addressing recently implemented international rules; opportunities to meet with ACGME-I and ADS staff members face to face; networking opportunities; and much, much more. For now, set the time aside; registration will open in November, and an “Early Bird” discounted registration fee will be available through January.

  3. Join in the MangoApps listserv
    This is an informal listserv concept designed to connect educators from all over the world. E-mail Ida Haynes at Pose questions and engage in discussions. Get help from your international colleagues—this might even contribute to a research project centered on education!

  4. Send us your data!
    The ACGME-I recognizes the importance of ensuring your educational program is serving your needs. Logging required experience in the Case Log System (for procedural specialties) is a critical aspect of ensuring the soundness of ACGME-I-accredited educational programs. Though it may seem like busy work, this exercise is designed primarily to make sure there is adequate clinical exposure for learners in a program to provide the breadth and depth of experience necessary to practice competently.

  5. Check in!
    Visit this website on a regular basis. Much is happening, and we are making a concerted effort to make the website a vibrant, valuable reference for you.

Thank you. This is just the beginning. There are numerous ways to participate and contribute, and we at the ACGME-I are open to your input and suggestions as we work together to build an international educational community.

Dr. Susan Day is the Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs for ACGME International

Save the Date! 2019 Annual Educational Conference

What meetings and conferences do you attend? We all value what they provide – keeping us up to date, connecting us with colleagues, giving us a renewed purpose for what we do.

Have you considered attending a conference that centers on medical education? New avenues of expertise and opportunity await your discovery.

The ACGME Annual Educational Conference, one of the largest gathering of graduate medical educators in the world, offers numerous educational, professional, and networking opportunities and may serve your needs. Highlights include:

  • more than 3,000 attendees- from deans of medical schools, to program directors, faculty members, institutional and program coordinators, and even residents and fellows. The number of international registrants increases each year.
  • a pre-conference day features courses designed specifically for new and experienced designated institutional officials (DIOs), program directors, and program coordinators.
  • an “international track” features special sessions targeted to innovations in teaching, the accreditation review process, and more.
  • the ACGME-I staff, as well as staff who work with the Accreditation Data System (ADS) set aside time for individual meetings and support
  • faculty development spans virtually every subject, from physician well-being to identifying and assisting “problem” residents.
  • two international Award recipients are named and honored.

The 2019 Annual Educational Conference will be held 7-9 March 2019 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. We encourage you to join this truly international event. Registration will open in early November.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Susan Day is the Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs for ACGME International

Review Committees-International members gain input from the global medical community through the Review and Comment process to improve the Requirements they approve and reply to programs

The 2019 Annual Educational Conference in Florida is an excellent opportunity to meet with graduate medical education experts from across the United States and the globe. Registration is open.

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