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The ACGME-I Review Committee

Review Committees-International

Peer review is considered to be the gold standard for accreditation. Decisions made by like-minded experts who must work by the same rules and guidelines they are using to evaluate programs helps to maintain quality and patient safety and improve graduate medical education in ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions and programs. The membership of the Review Committees-International includes a broad range of specialties and countries to support the peer-review process.

The Review Committees are responsible for reviewing all Sponsoring Institutions and programs for compliance with ACGME-I requirements; for finalizing all Sponsoring Institution, Foundational, and Advanced Specialty Requirements; and for establishing all ACGME-I accreditation policies.

Review Committee members include designated institutional officials (DIOs) and program directors of ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions and programs and from US graduate medical education. All members hold leadership roles at their respective institutions. Most members from the US formerly served on their own specialty’s Review Committee or on the ACGME Board of Directors.

There are two Review Committees divided by specialty. The Medicine-based Review Committee-International reviews programs in the medicine-related specialties, including family medicine, internal medicine and internal medicine subspecialties, neurology, pediatrics, and psychiatry. The Surgical/Hospital-based Review Committee-International reviews programs in the surgical and hospital-based specialties, including anesthesiology, emergency medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, and radiology.

Members serve terms from three to six years in length, and elect their own chairperson and vice chairperson. Nominations are accepted on a periodic basis from the international community with selection based on country representation and content expertise.

The members of the Review Committees-International are:

Medicine-based Review Committee

  • James Arrighi, Rhode Island Hospital/Brown Medical School, US - Internal Medicine, Chair
  • Sophia Archuleta, National University Health System, Singapore - Internal Medicine, Vice Chair
  • Basem Saab, American University Beirut, Lebanon - Family Medicine
  • See Meng Khoo, National University Health System, Singapore - Internal Medicine
  • Steven Ludwig, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, US - Pediatrics
  • Sandra G.B. Sexson, Medical College of Georgia, US - Psychiatry
  • Tarek Shahrour, Shiekh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi - Psychiatry
  • Salah Zeineldine, American University Beirut, Lebanon - Internal Medicine

Surgical/Hospital-based Review Committee

  • Ken Simons, Medical College of Wisconsin, US – Ophthalmology, Chair
  • Salah Gehani, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar - General Surgery, Vice Chair
  • Nihal Al Riyami, Oman Medical Specilaty Board, Oman - Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Wallace Carter, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, US - Emergency Medicine
  • James Hebert, University of Vermont College of Medicine, US - General Surgery
  • Kay Vydarney, Emory University, US - Radiology
  • Neela Al Lamki, Oman Medical Specilaty Board, Oman - Radiology
  • Shirley Ooi, National University Health System, Singapore- Emergency Medicine
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Benefits of ACGME-I Accreditation
  • Professionalism
  • Experiential Learning
  • Graded or Progressive Responsibility
  • Meaningful Patient Responsibility Coupled with Expert Supervision
  • Extensive Formative Evaluation to  Improve Resident Practice
  • Balance between Clinical Service and Clinical Education
  • Team-based Education and Patient Care
  • Learning through Responsibility for Subordinates
  • Structured “Learning Environment”
  • Patient Safety

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