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International Institutional Requirements
Application for Initial Accreditation

After the sponsoring institution account has been activated in the Accreditation Data System (ADS), this document will be completed and uploaded into ADS as part of the application process. Part 1 of the application process will be completed in ADS. Other uploads will include: Statement of Commitment, Organizational Charts, Institutional Disaster Policy, GMEC Membership, GMEC Minutes, and Internal Review Protocol.

Institutional Continued Accreditation Application

Use the Accreditation Data System (ADS) to prepare for your site visit by updating the Institutional Review Questionnaire (IRQ) and attachments prior to the site visit. Please update the response to citations from the last accreditation review in ADS to ensure the documentation reflects the current status of improvements in these areas. Report any changes you want to communicate as relevant to the accreditation of your institution under the “Major Changes” section in ADS. To update the IRQ in ADS, click “Site Visits,” then click “View Institutional Review Questionnaire.”

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